Losing the will to live while completing pre-qualification questionnaires?

Good news for anyone who is suffering or struggling with pre-qualification questionnaires because we have prepared some useful guidance and notes providing answers to ALL the questions you may be asked. Yes, ALL the questions.

The recently introduced Common Assessment Standard includes all the questions covered by various schemes including the depressingly long PAS 91 Pre-qualification questionnaire and we have provided a listing of all the answers to questions that relate to operating an effective quality, environmental, Health & Safety and Information security management system.

The alphaZ Integrated Management System has been developed in the real world with compliance to all these schemes in mind and has been used by many organisations not only to achieve ISO certification but also to successfully complete and pass all the leading pre-qualification schemes.

All the policies, procedures and other evidence is included in the IMS1 management system and setting this up will ensure completing any questionnaire is easy as you will have all the answers to all the questions!!