PP-1-04 Problems Complaints Customer Care Policy Procedure

File Reference : PP-1-04 Problems Complaints Customer Care Policy
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Policy-procedure on detailing how problems and complaints are categorised and managed and overview of customer care.

Procedure includes the following sections;

-  Problems and Complaints Procedure

- Review of Problems and Complaints

- Customer Care

Procedure provides detail, which should be updated for your organisation, on what constitutes a significant problem and the action to be taken based on severity of the issue.

Further guidance and procedure on the use of an issues / actions register is included as well as detail on when and how to complete a problems form.

Review, analysis and root-cause analysis is included to provide further detail and procedure on the review and analysis of problems. 

This procedure also references other key components of the management systems such as management and review of risks.

Customer care and customer complaints procedure included with guidance for workers when interacting with customers and overview of the process for collecting and analysing customer feedback. 

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