Using the Site

Finding What You Need

Navigating this web site is as simple as using the alphaZ documents. All the files from the alphaZ package are available in the aZ Documents section where they have been organised into categories that can be navigated using the menu on the left or filtered using keywords and preset filters

If you are unsure about what you are looking for why not just browse through the aZ Documents section?
Within this Help section there are also various guidance files which are intended to provide guidance on using the document templates and setting up management systems.

Site Search

At the top of the page there is a site search, use this if you wish to search the entire site including blog entries, this help section and other content.

Just click on the magnifying glass to enter your search terms.

Browse and Filter

Alternatively, to just browse through the alphaZ documents library click on the aZ Documents link and this will show a listing of all the documents (which is quite a lot). To start finding the documents you need there are category options in the left menu or you can enter key words in the Filter by Keyword box which will filter the documents displayed based on the file name.
Note: the keyword filter will only show documents where the keyword entered matches the document filename - use the search function if this does not return the documents you are looking for and want to also search document descriptions and properties.

Additional filters can also be applied using the Filter by Type options where you can specify Standard / Scheme, File Type or Document Type. All the filters that have been applied will appear in small filter boxes which can be cleared if not required.

When you've found the right document, click on the image to go to the document details page where additional information about the document including image previews, description, comments from other users and also details of files available for download are all available.

User Accounts

In order to download any documents from this site you need a valid user account and you need to be logged in. If you are a subscriber you will be able to download every document on the site once logged in.

Logging in - at the top of the page there is an account icon, hover over this icon and select Login.

Once logged in just browse to the relevant pages within aZ Documents and click on Download Files and then Download.

If you have forgotten your password use the Forgotten Password link on the Login page to reset your password.


For unlimited access to every document in our library simply purchase an aZ Subscription. Once you are subscribed just login to the site using the username / password setup during the subscription process and then browse the documents and download what you need.

Using a Code

If you have been supplied a discount code just add aZ Subscription to the download cart and then either View Cart and select Use Coupon Code or proceed direct to checkout and add the code in the DISCOUNTCODE section to apply the discount.
Note: even if you have been supplied a code giving 100% free access it is necessary to still fully complete the checkout process to setup your user account.
Where a code applies 100% discount and there is no payment to be made the 'Free Checkout' option will be available as a payment method - in this case a site administrator will need to firstly approve the order before the account is activated.

Download Cart

If you don't have a subscription it is also possible to make use of the download cart to select and pay for individual files which can then be instantly downloaded. Simply add the files you need to the download cart and complete the checkout process. Once payment has been completed select the Downloads link in the My Account page to view and download the files purchased.


Downloading Documents

Before downloading any documents it is important that you have browsed and located the documents you need (ref. Finding What You Need) and are logged in with your user account details (ref. User Accounts).

Depending on the type of account you have will determine where you can download the documents;

  • aZ Subscribers can just download files direct from the aZ Documents section
  • Individual files ordered using the Download Cart can be downloaded from My Account > Downloads


File versions - before downloading firstly check the document description which will provide an overview of any different versions available including purpose and applicability of the different versions. On the Download page the actual version will be indicated in the filename i.e. file_name V1 is Version 1

az documents versions

There may also be sample versions of the documents which are provided to help you when adding suitable content to your documents, these documents will have -Sample Data in the filename.

To download click on the download link which will open the 'Save as' window allowing you to select the location where the file is to be downloaded and saved.

File Naming

It is recommended that when saving documents the files are not renamed. The default name will appear when saving and to avoid confusion relating to documents downloaded and file references it is recommended that the filenames, at least initially, are not changed.