Using the Documents

Word Documents

Documents prepared using Microsoft Word make use of some of the features in Word to make the files easier to manage such as automatic table of contents and grouped drawing objects which are used to create easy to follow flowcharts.

Using Styles

In order to keep formatting consistent and allow quick and simple changes to the entire document, as well as permit other functionality such as the automated tables of contents, the formatting of the supplied documents make use of ‘styles’. To view the styles in use in an active document ensure the 'Home' tab is selected in the ribbon menu and the applied style will be indicated.

Word Styles

If you wish to change the appearance of the document you can do so by adjusting the style properties with the changes being applied to any text with the relevant style applied.

help TOCTables of Contents

Certain documents such as IMS1 may include a table of contents which is automatically generated for ease of use and to make updates easier.
The table of contents is created by Word detecting and including in the table of contents every instance of the following styles;

  1. Heading1
  2. Heading2
  3. Heading3

To update the table of contents – right-mouse-click on the table of contents – this should make a menu appear – select ‘Update Field’  then select ‘Update entire table’ and OK.
This will cause Word to search the document and update the table of contents with all the relevant text. If there is an error on the table of contents it is probably because there is an error within the document such as the wrong style applied. Check and fix the styles applied in the document and then update again.


Help Grouped ObjectsFlow charts and Grouped Objects

Flow charts are used in certain documents including IMS1 and make use of drawing objects which are usually grouped together to make a single object which is easier to reposition or copy / paste into other documents.

The flowchart needs to be ungrouped to edit the shape, size, or layout of the individual boxes.

To ungroup right-mouse-click on the edge of the object group and select
'Grouping > Ungroup'

Highlighted Text

Some text within the supplied files may have been highlighted in yellow to indicate it requires attention / update. To get rid of this yellow highlighting you can simply delete the highlighted text or use the 'Text Highlight Color' tool with 'No Color' selected to highlight over the yellow area and remove the colour.

Help Highlighted text

aZ LogoalphaZ Logo

The text and alphaZ logo may be removed from the documents as required.
Other permissible changes to the provided documents are detailed in the Terms and conditions.


Download this page

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Excel Documents

The supplied Excel documents all include an 'Instructions' worksheet which includes guidance and instructions for that particular Excel file.

Help Excel

As well as the Instructions worksheet the files also include comments on certain cells with additional help and guidance.

Protected Sheets

Some of the worksheets supplied include formula cells where lookup and other functions are used to populate the data in the cell base don entries to other cells. To prevent these cells from being accidentally overwritten the any worksheets with formula cells will be protected so that these cells are locked.

To allow flexibility in the use of the supplied Excel files and so that they can be further updated and modified there is no password security on the protected workbooks or individual worksheets so they can be unlocked and modified as required.

Note : Care should be taken when unprotecting worksheets (this is for expert excel users only) and worksheets should be locked again once any edits have been completed.


None of the supplied Excel files make use of Macros.

Named Ranges and Conditional Formatting

The supplied worksheets make use of named ranges and conditional formatting. Care should be taken when importing content or other worksheets if this causes conflict with any named ranges which could in turn lead to conditonal formatting not working. Many of the cells with conditional formatting are set to change colour based on current date and this is linked to the date setting of the computer operating system which should be correct for this to work as intended. Care should be taken when deleting or adding rows in case this affects the named ranges on the worksheet.

Corrupted File

If file is not working as intended due to some accidental or incorrect modification it is suggested that a new version of the file is downloaded and then content copied and pasted into new file.

Note : When pasting content select 'Paste Values' to paste without any formatting which could overwrite conditional formatting on the worksheet.


Organising the Files

The files downloaded from this site can be saved and used as required but it is recommended that some type of filing structure is in place before downloaidng the files and that procedures are in place for the approval and implemetation of files within your organisation.

The simplest approach is to download all files to a single 'aZ Downloads' or 'aZ File Archive' folder and then files can then be taken from this folder and used as required. If downloading a lot of files it is suggested that sub-folders are also setup so that files can be saved into appropraite folders making them easier to find and following the structure used on this web site may also assist as can then access the online guidance in information relating to each file if required.

Download Folder

Click on the file link below for a Downloadable zip archive of the folder structure used on this site to use as a Download folder

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Using the Files

Once downloaded files have been reviewed and approved they can then be transferred to own management system filing structure and updated with company name and updated / modified as required. Editing the header on the file is a useful visual cue that the file has been implemented and is in use. Files use can either then be removed from the aZ Downloads folder or a copy of the original left in this folder for future reference.

Note : If setting up a 'Form Templates' folder is is recommended that the files are set to be read-only to avoid the templates being accidentially edited or saved once content has been added.

If setting up or completing a comprehensive update of management systems it may be sensible to ensure there is a plan in place for the overall filing structure that the management systems is going to use - Ref. Setting up Management Systems.

All users should understand where files are stored and a document register can be used to provide additional guidance on this. There is a suggested filing system in IMS1 which can also be downloaded with the IMS1 Integrated Management System Manual file.

Help using documents

Suggested Filing Structure included in the IMS1 Management System Manual.