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Introduction - what is alphaZ?

The alphaZ documentation package is a library of resources that can be used to assist with the development of an effective documented management system that is compliant with various ISO standards and can help to achieve ISO Certification.

The aim of the package is to help with the process of developing effective and useful management systems by providing assurance that the key areas required for ISO compliance are covered by the package and allowing the focus of development to be on the areas where greatest improvement or benefit can be achieved.

The package and the documents are jargon-free and easy to use and additional guidance and help is available on the az-documents web site and on the various guidance documents that are also provided.

Setting up management systems can be daunting but using the alphaZ documents package can greatly assist with and speed up the process while also helping ensure that the systems developed are useful, easy to understand and ISO compliant.

The package has been developed and tested extensively with a wide range of companies who have achieved certification with various UKAS accredited and other certification bodies. If the package and all the supplied elements are used this should ensure ISO compliance without even having to reference any ISO standards or specific clauses.

For reviewing compliance with ISO clauses there are various documents which can be referenced to confirm compliance with each clause such as the ISO correlation documents and full-clause audit checklists.

How it works

IMS1 manual The package is based around the central and concise IMS1 Integrated Management System Manual which provides an overview of all key operations, processes and key documents within the organisation and is structured in a logical way to provide a comprehensive overview of how key activities are managed within the organisation while also ensuring ISO compliance.

The IMS1 Manual is intended to link to any existing procedures, forms, documentation and other systems and provides a top level overview of all of the key processes, systems and procedural guidance and responsibilities for the various different activities within the organisation.

To support the IMS1 Manual there is a suite of resources which can be used to assist with management of key company information and to help with management of all the identified processes and activities. The IMS1 document provides an overview of these other resources and how they are used and managed.

aZ packagePackage overview

The package includes various resources to assist with the development of management systems;

  • Form Templates - Library of sample form templates
  • Policy Templates - Library of sample company policies
  • Registers - Simple registers and more interactive excel registers for logging and managing key data
  • Procedure Templates - More detailed procedure-type policies
  • Examples  - Sample completed assessments; Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments etc...
  • Training / Guidance - Training and guidance resources for use with workers
  • Audit Checklists - Pre-prepared audit checklists covering the Integrated Management System and other processes and activities
  • Management System  - IMS1 management system documentation templates
    • Implementation checklists - Checklists to assist with the implementation process
    • ISO Correlation documents - Guidance on evidence of ISO compliance for all ISO clauses

Additional Resources

The IMS1 and correlation documents will identify the key documents essential for ISO compliance and in addition to these key documents there are various other documents that are provided to assist with overall management and other requirements.

aZ ResourcesThe resources have been designed so that different elements link together such as the customer feedback form and the ER5 Customer Feedback Register which can be used to analyse and report on feedback received.

Other registers can be used to assist with management of key information and scheduled renewals for activities such as management of equipment of staff training renewals.

All the resources provided are simple to use and have instructions included or additional guidance is available to assist with implementation and ongoing use.

As well as resources for initial development and implementation of management systems there are also various resources to assist with ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance of management systems including internal auditing.

Management System Implementation

The alphaZ package can be used to greatly improve and speed up the process of developing management systems which can be setup using a framework which makes sense and is easy to follow; the alphaZ IMS1 framework document is NOT based on any ISO standards and does not include any ISO clause references - it is simply a plain language overview of how operations are managed within your organisation and the document is organised in a logical and practical manner.

The package is intended for use by novice users totally new to setting up ISO compliant management systems as well as experienced practitioners and consultants looking to improve the documentation they are using to support management system development activities.

How does it help me get ISO certification?

The IMS package has been used by a wide range of organisations who have achieved full ISO certification without any issues - the package has been developed to facilitate the development of a useful and easy to follow management system which also meets ISO standards and the various supporting documents can be used to check and confirm ISO compliance before and during audit.

The IMS1 document can also be used for gap analysis and as an implementation checklist – if everything covered in this document is completed and correct it will ensure ISO compliance.

Note : An understanding of the minimum requirements for ISO compliance is required if you wish to omit or alter any sections of the IMS1 document.

In summary the alphaZ documentation package is a user-friendly, intuitive, jargon-free and simple to use yet fully ISO compliant documentation package designed to assist companies with the development of a documented management system that reflects their existing business practices, facilitates the improvement of business practices and also meet the requirements of ISO standards.

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