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Document Preparation and Remote Consultancy

alphaZ documents packageIf you need assistance with getting management systems setup or just need some help and advice about using any of the resources provided additional help can be arranged through one of our document preparation or remote consultancy packages.

Remote consultancy is much the same as onsite consultancy, you will be allocated a consultant who you can contact for help when required or at pre-arranged virtual meetings with your consultant who will guide you through the process of setting up management systems, provide training and advice or help with preparation and update of files.

To support our remote consultancy service we make use of Information and Communications technology to allow the consultancy to be completed in much the same manner as if a consultant was to make a site visit. File sharing software, video-conferencing and other communications applications can all be used to assist and support the remote consultancy process.

If you would like a quote for remote assistance please contact us or click on the product links below to order either package.

Approved Consultants Network

To support our remote consultancy we have a network of approved consultants across the UK who can also provide onsite consultancy and training to assist you with the development of effective management systems or to provide advice and training. Our consultants will help ensure your organisation can meet the requirements of the ISO standards in a manner that doesn't add unnecessary extra work or overheads. Contact us for the details of your local ISO consultant or to have a chat about your requirements.

Experienced Consultants - All our consultants have extensive experience of implementing ISO compliant management systems as well as broader business experience which they will use to try and help your organisation improve or adopt best practice.

Quick fix & Ongoing Support - as well as helping with review and development of management systems we also provide ongoing support for companies who are not able to or do not wish allocate staff to developing or maintaining management systems and would prefer an external consultant to take the lead role with activities such as completion of internal audits and other updates on a temporary or permanent basis.

Good value - we try to make sure we provide good value and achieve as much as possible in each consultancy visit. Our consultancy service is based on a day / half-day rate and we only charge for work completed. We can provide a costed proposal detailing number of days consultancy / cost and activities / actions to be completed.

alphaZ Consultancy

The approach of our consultants is the same as our documents package - implement useful, beneficial and jargon-free management systems which help the business without any unnecessary documentation or processes.

Integrated & Streamlined - our consultancy makes full use of the alphaZ documents package so if you have completed some initial setup and then need some help the consultant with be familiar with what you have developed and will be able to help without any issues or having to restart the preparation of documentation.

Enabling your independence - Our consultancy approach is to help our clients take control of their own management systems. To assist with this all the alphaZ documents are in an editable office or equivalent format allowing you edit, amend and take full control.

Avoid unnecessary complication - sometimes too much ISO consultancy can be dangerous as it can lead to development of overly complex systems which may end up serving the purpose of the ISO system itself rather than the business. At all times our consultants will strive to avoid creating unnecessary forms or procedures that lead to increased paperwork and provide little or no advantage to the company.


Document Preparation

Document Preparation

If you need assistance with setting up a management system this document preparation option could help to turbo-charge the process and also help to make sure everything you need for ISO compliance is ..

Remote Consultancy (3 hours)

Remote Consultancy (3 hours)

3 hours of remote consultancy assistance to assist you with the setup and update of management systems for your organisation, assistance with completion of internal audits, management review or any ot..

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