F-Q94 Business Continuity Plan Form

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Business continuity plan to detail continuity arrangements required to ensure continuity in case of an incident.

The plan include recovery arrangements for all the critical functions and the resumption time objective based on associated risks.

A business continuity plan is essential for ISO 22301:2019 and can be used to provide evidence of risk-based approach for compliance to other standards such as ISO 9001:2015.

This form can be used and referred to in the F-Q92 Business Critical Function Appraisal. 

Plan contents;

1. Business Continuity Management Plan Overview

1.1 Purpose and Scope

1.2 Identification of Critical Functions

2. Responsibilities and Communication

2.1 Continuity Response and Recovery Team

2.2 Internal Communications

2.3 External Communications

3. Business Continuity and Recovery Arrangements

3.1 Loss of Premises and associated Services

3.2 Loss of Infrastructure

3.3 Loss of Business Critical Functions

3.4 Emergency / Disruptive Incident Management

4. Key Contacts

4.1 Continuity Response and Recovery Team Contacts

4.2 Key Suppliers

4.3 Key Customers

4.4 Utility Companies

4.5 Local Emergency Services

4.6 Insurance and Finance Companies

4.7 Local Authority / Government Agencies

Appendix i. Location Information

Appendix ii. Inventory of Backup Equipment and Systems

Versions available;

Full plan with all sections as listed above and includes references to other relevant files
V2Simplified version with no references to any other files
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ISO Consultant 23/06/2020

I have used this Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with a client who required to get certified to ISO 22301:2019 and found the template very useful. The V1 template references ER16 Business Continuity Risk Register which includes elements required by the latest version of the standard such as MTPD (maximum tolerable period of disruption), RTO (recovery time objective) and this plan also requires details of person responsible and also their alternate to be listed.

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