F-IMS21 Business Continuity Register

File Reference : F-IMS21 Business Continuity Register
Date File Updated 28/06/22
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Register for logging summary of key considerations with regards to business continuity and associated controls and continuity arrangements. 

Register details how risks and key assets are identified (with references to the other key registers where this is logged).

Summary of business critical functions and overview of how appraised - overview of continuity testing, communication and priority rating for continuity.

The purpose of this register is also to demonstrate and summarise the arrangements for continuity without including any confidential or sensitive information so that it can be supplied during audit or in a supplier assessment where the actual continuity plan cannot be shared due to it being information classified as confidential.

The register covers:

- Business Critical Function

- Continuity Testing 

- Communication 

Versions available;

This version is covers everything detailed above but does not reference  ER16 Business Continuity Risk Register (note : do not use this version if ISO 22301 compliance is required)
V2This version includes additional references to other documents that provide more in-depth review of continuity and is intended for compliance to ISO 22301:2012 / ISO 22301:2019.
 [Information Classification: Business Use] 

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