ER11 Audit Schedule

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Date File Updated 24/09/2020
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This register is used to schedule and keep track of completed internal audits.

This audit planner makes use of risk-based analysis to assist with audit planning and includes various other features to assist with planning and reviewing of audit activities;

  • Audit Planning page; Listing of Areas / Processes to be audited, Risk Rating, Planned Audit Frequency, Planned Checklist
  • Yearly Audit schedules; Automatic listing of Area / Process and frequency from planning page
  • Audit Checklists; listing of audit checklists (pre-populated with various alphaZ audit checklists) detailing applicable standards and clauses
  • Clause-Checker; Interactive tool to determine whether checklists cover all the clauses of specific ISO standards and highlighting of any areas not covered
  • Sample Schedule; Pre-populated audit plan to assist with setup of ISO compliant audit schedule 

This schedule is designed to be simple to setup, easy to update and easy to use whilst also allowing comprehensive demonstration that the audit programme meets the requirements of the ISO standards and that all clauses and relevant activities and processes are covered.

ISO Consultant 21/02/2020

The 'Clause-Checker' tool on this schedule is a really useful tool for demonstrating to a clause-obsessed auditor that all clauses have been covered without having to resort to using painful every-ISO-clause type checklists which tend to be repetitive and rarely serve any real purpose outside of demonstrating ISO compliance.
With this register in place can stick to completing sensible company-process based audits and can then reference the clause checker tool if required.
The Risk-based audit planning page is also useful.

ISO Consultant 07/02/2020

Using this schedule and just one or two of the audit checklists available on this site allows ISO compliant internal audits to be completed in a really straightforward manner.
To ensure it is possible to demonstrate that all clauses are covered it is worth completing a full-clause checklist for each applicable standard (and renewing this annually) and then actual focus of internal audits can be on checking company processes.

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