P-3 Health and Safety Policy

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Health and Safety Policy Templates in several different versions depending on requirements;

- ISO 45001:2018 compliant version

- Documented Health & Safety Policies without any consideration of ISO 45001 compliance

- Combined Health & Safety and other arrangements to help smaller companies meet legal requirements

The ISO 45001 Health and safety policy includes commitment to provision of safe working environment and prevention of injury and ill health. Also overview of Occupational Health & Safety management system with commitment to positive safety culture, incident reporting, elimination of hazards and risks.

The V1policy is a requirement for ISO 45001:2018 compliance and can be edited to suit but care should be taken when amending if this policy is required for ISO 45001 compliance as there are some elements that the standard requires the policy to cover;

- Commitment to provision of safe and healthy working conditions

- Framework for setting OH&Sy objectives

- Commitment to satisfy applicable legal and other requirements

- Commitment to elimination of hazards and reduction of risks

- Commitment to continual improvement of the integrated management systems

- Commitment to consultation and participation of workers

Like all other policies this policy should be retained as documented information, filed correctly and made available to all interested parties.

The information classification label on this policy is [public].

Versions available;

This version is an ISO 45001 compliant Health & Safety Policy Statement
V2Simple H&S policy statement without ISO 45001 requirements.
V3Combined H&S policy, arrangements and general risk assessment. This template is designed for small companies who do not have a full health & safety management system, do not have significant health and safety risks. Sample Data version of this version also available.
V4As -V3 but also including a simple Fire Risk Assessment. Sample Data version of this version also available.
V5Simple H&S policy and arrangements without the General Risk Assessment and Fire Risk Assessment included in the document.

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