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IMS1 Integrated Management System Manual Guidance documents.

IMS1 Manual Guidance includes an overview of the IMS1 document and how it can be used and updated to work for your company. Guidance on what sections can be altered or removed if not required and which content or pages can also be amended and why.

Guidance on implementation - the IMS1 document in itself can be used for gap analysis and as an implementation checklist; if everything covered in this document is completed and correct it will ensure ISO compliance. Alternatively, or in addition to just updating and completing IMS1, there are various implementation checklists available.

Linking with existing systems - the IMS1 document is intended to act as a top-level overview of the management systems and the supplied content can be deleted and replaced with references / signposts to other documents / software / systems.

IMS Filing / Folder Setup - It is important that files used are organised and that everyone understands where everything is filed and has full appreciation of the documents being used. To assist with this a filing structure has been written into the IMS1 document and a corresponding folder structure is available which includes a printable 10 section Index sheet for use with a lever arch file if intending to prepare a paper copy.

Guidance on yellow highlighted text - throughout IMS1 there are yellow highlighted sections – this is to highlight text that requires attention and update -  and the guidance document included instructions on how to amend the highlighted text. 

Guidance on other sections and updates - instructions on updating other sections of IMS1;

  • Reference boxes
  • Check boxes
  • Responsibility boxes
  • Headers & Footers

The Guidance document is then numbered as per the IMS1 document with a guidance for each numbered section of IMS1.

Files available for Download;

IMS1 Manual GuidanceIMS Guidance - full overview of the IMS1 document and guidance on how to update and amend the document for your organisation.

ISO Consultant 23/06/2020

The Integrated Management System Manual is a great starting point when developing a management system for a client. Especially if when using any of the 4 traditional standards; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001. It covers required information and can easily be adapted to any type of business and industry.

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