ER4 Equipment Vehicles Register

File Reference : ER4 Equipment Vehicles Register
Date File Updated 11/10/2019
File Format MS Excel
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Category Registers
Tags: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, 7.1.5, 9.1.1
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Equipment register for listing all equipment that may require maintenance, servicing and any other scheduled checks.

Can also be used as an asset register.

Equipment register includes automatically formatted fields for entering dates when equipment or vehicles are due checks or scheduled maintenance.

As well as date due can also log who is responsible for the service / check, frequency of the check, calibration due date or any other due dates for each item of equipment listed. Date purchased can also be entered for equipment that has usage limited by age. 

All equipment entered using unique item / serial number and this allows built-in service record to also be updated with details of all servicing and repairs completed.

Register also features controlled-entry 'Type' field so that list can be filtered to only display a particular type of equipment.

Versions available;

For logging details of all equipment (vehicles can be added on the same sheet as equipment if required)
V2Same as V1 but also includes separate sheet for vehicles
ISO Consultant 17/01/2020

Useful for keeping track of any renewal dates and demonstrating to an ISO auditor that all equipment maintenance is effectively managed.

Also possible to add an entry for 'PAT testing' without having to list all the electrical equipment if this is detailed on another list or all stickered - just need to log the date that PAT testing is due for renewal on this register.

Also possible to log details relating to the premises where checks are required such as Fixed Wiring Inspection and other scheduled checks on premises such as date when fire safety equipment is due for checking.

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