ER5 Customer Feedback Analysis Register

File Reference : ER5 Feedback Analysis Register
Date File Updated 11/10/2019
File Format MS Excel
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Category Registers
Tags: ISO 9001, 5.1.2, 9.1.2
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This register can be used to log responses to customer questionnaires. 

Designed to correspond to F-Q12 - Customer Questionnaire, the column headings on 'Feedback Data' data input sheet match the questions on the F-Q12 feedback form template so that responses can be quickly and easily logged including details of any comments.

Entered data can then be reviewed on the Analysis sheet which compiles and displays scored average ratings and also graphical charts to visually review any trends.

Analysis sheet allows date range to be specified and will only display data from the entered date range to show trends or rating for a particular time frame.

Feedback analysis can then be exported or used for other reports for review and analysis of customer feedback.

ISO Consultant 15/02/2020

This register is a very useful and easy means to getting a fully quantifiable and measurable quality objective while also demonstrating compliance with 5.1.2 Customer satisfaction.

Once feedback is entered the analysis sheet will provide an average score for each question and also an overall average score - the quality objective can then be to either retain or improve on this average score rating.

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