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ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 compliant Integrated Management System manual for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22301:2019 compliance.

Combined Quality Management System (QMS) and Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) documentation. Simple and concise combined IMS document template. 

Also included is an ISO 22301 guidance document which provides step-by-step instructions for setting up management systems which can be used with any IMS1 manual to allow any combination of standards to be covered in addition to ISO 22301.

Note: For ISO 22301 compliance there are various other documents required that are all included in the ISO 22301 Toolkit

This simple and easy to use template provides an overview of all key processes and can be easily updated to reflect your company operations.

This IMS1 document provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant activities covered by the Integrated Management System and details / links to all other key components.

The document may need some updating and modification so that it accurately describes the various processes, documents activities and other relevant areas within your organisation but once implemented will ensure all ISO requirements are covered.

Manual Contents;

Section 1 Integrated Management System

1.1 Update Log

1.2 Integrated Management System – Overview and Scope

1.3 Context, Company Profile and Scope of Operations

1.4 Interaction of Processes

1.5 Management of Documented Information and Data

1.6 Legal Compliance

Section 2 Leadership, Commitment and Planning

2.1 Company Policies and Objectives

2.2 Responsibilities

2.3 Organisational Chart

2.4 Management Review

2.5 Risk Management

Section 3 Resource Management and Support

3.1 Management of Staff and Company Personnel

3.2 Management of Equipment and Premises

3.3 Management System Communication

Section 4 Operational Processes

4.1 Control of Enquiries & Sales

4.2 Control of Purchasing and Outsourced Services

4.3 Control of Operations

4.4 Management of Change, Variations and Design

Section 5 Monitoring, Evaluation and Improvement

5.1 Customer Satisfaction

5.2 Control of Nonconforming Outputs, Problems and Complaints

5.3 Management System Audits

5.4 Continual Improvement

Section 6 Environmental Management

Section 7 Health & Safety Management

Section 8 Information Security Management

Appendix i Management System Registers

F-IMS20 - Document Register

F-IMS21 - Business Continuity Register

F-IMS22 - Interested Parties

F-IMS23 - Opportunities Risks Register

This IMS1 manual is very simple to use and implement, for help refer to the IMS1 Guidance documents, Help section and the relevant IMS1 implementation checklists.

If you need additional assistance with update or implementation of this IMS system please contact us to let us know your requirements or purchase a document preparation or remote consultancy package.

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