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Achieving ISO 22301 Certification

This guideline provides an overview of the various steps that can be followed when needing to achieve ISO Certification.

Step 1 – Management System

To achieve ISO certification, it is necessary to have a management system in place that meets the requirements of the standard(s). More information and guidance on setting up management systems is available at [setting-up-management-systems]

The Following files should be downloaded;

File Link Instructions

IMS Folder Structure

Download and save this folder structure to the location on your computer or network where the IMS files are to be located. All files should be saved to the relevant folder in this folder structure.

IMS1 Manual
IMS1 Guidance

Download the relevant IMS1 manual depending on the standards required and also download and read the IMS1 Guidance and IMS1 Manual References

IMS Registers

The IMS1 manual includes references to various other registers, policies and forms (ref. IMS1 Manual References) and once the IMS1 has been updated to reflect the files in use any files referenced should be downloaded and saved to the relevant folder.

IMS Implementation Checklists

Download and complete one of the implementation checklists to ensure all other areas required for ISO Certification are completed.

Step 2 – Appoint a Certification Provider

Once management systems have been implemented and checked a certification provider can be appointed. There are various considerations and factors to take into account when selecting a certification provider and some further information is available here [ISO Certification]

Step 3 – Complete Certification Audit

The appointed certification provider will make arrangements for completion of the ISO certification audit which may require a number of days auditing and may be split into two stages and further details are available here [ISO Audits]iso 22301 logo

Step 4 – ISO Certified

When the audit has been completed and any non-conformances raised have been closed out you will be issues with an ISO Certificate and ISO logos.


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