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12 months subscription is £396+vat and subscription gives full access to download and use all the documents on this site including the full management system documentation templates to achieve ISO compliance.

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Additional Options

12 months subscription provides full access to the alphaZ Documents package. Unlimited access to download all the documents on this web site including management system templates, guidance and checklists which can be used to setup and implement ISO compliant management systems and to achieve ISO certification.

This is a single payment for 12 months access and does not renew automatically at the end of the initial 12 months subscription. The option to continue with subscription on a monthly payment basis can be arranged after the first year. Price indicated does not include VAT which will be added, if applicable, at the checkout.

Standard subscription does not come with any remote assistance or support, please select one of the 'Additional Options' if you would like help with getting management systems setup or implemented.

If you have already subscribed and are in need of assistance please contact us to arrange remote or onsite consultancy or alternatively go to the 'Help' section for guidance and help with implementation and use of the documents.

Additional Options

Document Preparation

Document PreparationIf you need assistance with setting up a management system the document preparation option could help to turbo-charge this process and also help to make sure everything you need for ISO compliance is in place and ready for audit.

With this option just tell us what you are needing to setup, i.e. management systems to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and we will setup a filing structure and add all the relevant files you will need for a fully compliant management system.

In addition to setting up the filing structure we will also add your company name to all the required files such as forms and policies to save you the time required to download, save to correct place and then go through and edit all the files.

Integrated Management System (IMS) - with this option we will also setup a first draft IMS manual to cover the standards you require.

All files prepared are shared with you via a secure Dropbox folder and all the files prepared can then be easily downloaded in a single download or copied / pasted across to your own filing system with ease. If you don't have a Dropbox account the files will be supplied as a download link.

Remote Consultancy

Remote management system consultancyRemote consultancy support is also available to assist you with the setup and update of management systems for your organisation.

With a remote consultancy package you will be assigned a consultant who will be available to help you with the process of developing and updating your management systems and can also give general advice and practical assistance.

Your consultant will complete a review of your existing management systems and any other systems already in place within you organisation and a gap analysis and then prepare bespoke management systems to meet your requirements. Full document preparation is provided with this option so all the files necessary for your organisation will be packaged and prepared including updating the documents to include your company name / logo.

With our remote consultancy package your remote consultant will be available to answer questions, provide advice and assist you with the entire management system development process including the development and update of the IMS1 integrated management system manual.

Remote consultancy can facilitate getting draft management systems prepared quickly and efficiently and this approach can replace the requirement for any onsite consultancy or can be used to short-cut the initial setup and development followed by onsite support and training.

Our remote consultancy team are all experienced ISO consultants and auditors and we make full use of information and communication technology to communicate and share files to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

The remote consultancy approach makes full use of the alphaZ documents package so you also have full access to the comprehensive documentation available online to support and assist with the management system development and implementation process.

Ongoing Support

Various resources are provided to ensure the alphaZ package includes everything required to plan, implement and maintain management systems and ISO compliance. There are ongoing updates to the package and a subscription can be retained to ensure ongoing access to documents and updates.

Additional support can be arranged for further remote assistance or for onsite consultancy and training from our approved consultants network.

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