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Integrated ISO 9001 / 14001 / 45001 / 27001 / 22301 Toolkit

Set-up or improve upon an existing management system with this toolkit

This toolkit includes all the files required for setting up an integrated management system which is compliant with the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management
  • ISO 22301 - Business Continuity Management

All files required for compliance to the above standards are included, it can be used by businesses who are wishing to implement and adopt the standards, or by businesses that are already compliant but wish to extend their management system to cover additional standards.

If you would like all the files supplied with your company name and logo already added select the Document Preparation option. For full assistance with preparation and implementation of management systems select Remote Support option.

A summary of the files included in the toolkit is detailed below and are downloaded in a single archive folder (.zip) with the files organised in the IMS folder structure for ease of use - simply download and start editing.

Integrated Management Systems - alphaZ where everything is integrated

This toolkit differs from other ISO toolkits as it features the alpha Z management system allowing for the use of a single Integrated Management System Manual with a supplied folder structure.

This toolkit can be adapted to reflect existing systems, processes, procedures, policies, software and can easily be extended to cover other ISO standards as required

The Integrated Management System reduces the need for multiple files and duplicate documents for the same clauses listed in different ISO standards - it is designed to be practical and user-friendly

Who should use this toolkit?

This toolkit is suitable for;

  • Any company seeking a headstart in achieving ISO certification and compliance
  • Improving and monitoring the performance of the above standard topics
  • Creating an integrated management system for new start companies and established organisations
  • Updating existing management systems
  • Consultants implementing integrated management systems with clients

Additional Support:

Using the Integrated Management System Toolkit

To achieve ISO certification, it is necessary to have a management system in place that meets the requirements of the standard(s) and this toolkit enables management systems to be setup easily and all the files are fully editable and can be updated to suit your company. Simply download and start working through the documents or use one of the supplied implementation checklists and the reference documents for guidance.

Files included with this Toolkit;


File Category in aZ Documents Files Included Description
Management System Documentation > IMS1 Manual


The IMS1 manual guidance / references documents are both guidance documents to assist with setting up an integrated management system.

IMS Folder structure is a printable folder structure if hard copy of IMS is required - all the files supplied have been filed within this folder structure which can be easily updated and modified as required.

Management System Documentation > IMS Registers

These Integrated Management System (IMS) Registers form part of the overall IMS and are split into separate documents (registers) to make them easier to manage and review.

Not all the registers will be necessary for every IMS and only those referenced within the IMS1 document or supporting procedures are required for ISO compliance.

Statement of applicability covering all controls including all controls listed in ISO 27001:2013 Annex A.

Management System Documentation > IMS Implementation Checklists
  • 13 x Implementation checklists including gap analysis
Optional checklists that can be used when preparing to implement management systems (completing a gap analysis), implementing or checking an implemented management system.
Form Templates

Various forms that can be used when setting up management systems.

Some of these forms are used as part of the IMS and others have been included in case they are useful.

Ref. IMS1 Guidance for details of which forms are required for ISO compliance

Ref. IMS1 Manual References for details of where forms are referenced in the IMS1 manual

Policies Policies for ISO compliance and also other policies included to assist with meeting legal or other requirements.

Various registers that can be used to manage data as part of the IMS but are not required if already have other systems in place.

These Excel Registers (ER's) have been prepared using spreadsheet software (such as MS Excel) and are designed to assist with management of data and can be used to hold, manage and analyse larger quantities of data.

Procedures Operational procedure template which can be used to prepare procedures covering operational activities and procedures providing an overview of environmental management activities, health and safety arrangements and information security arrangements. A procedure detailing business continuity arrangements is also included for ISO 22301 compliance.
Training / Guidance > Toolbox Talks
  • 36 x Training Talks
Trainings Talks and Attendance form pre-populated with details of the IMS system and ISO compliance for documenting training completed with workers.
Training / Guidance > Handbooks
  • 4 x Staff Handbooks
Editable Staff handbooks which include reference to the IMS and other key information.
Training / Guidance > Training Certificates
  • 7 x Training Certificate templates
Training certificates that can be issued to staff to evidence that trained in key aspects of relevance to the management system including internal auditing and awareness of the ISO standards.
Note: There is no specific qualification required by the ISO standards but some certification bodies will expect to see some evidence of training / competence.
Training / Guidance > Training Presentations Training presentations in MS Powerpoint format that can be used when training workers.
Audit Checklists > IMS1 Checklists

Various checklists for assistance with completion of management system audits (Internal Audits) prepared using the F-Q2 Audit Checklist Form.

Some checklists are based on the IMS1 management system manual, others are based on ISO standards and some are sample audit checklists of key activities or processes.

Audit Checklists
  • 78 x Audit Checklists

Various checklists for assistance with completion of management system audits (Internal Audits) prepared using the F-Q2 Audit Checklist Form.

Some checklists are based on the IMS1 management system manual, others are based on ISO standards and some are sample audit checklists of key activities or processes.

Additional Options

Document Preparation

With this option we will add your company name to all the supplied IMS files and make other changes and alterations to the Integrated Management System (IMS) and the first draft IMS1 manual to ensure reflecting your existing processes and systems.

All files prepared will be shared with you via a secure download link. This will also remove / replace the #alphaZ-documents# text and aZ logo from all the files.

Remote Consultancy

One-on-one support for compliance

Remote management system consultancyRemote consultancy support is also available to assist you with the setup and update of management systems for your organisation.

With a remote consultancy package you will be assigned a consultant who will be available to help you with the process of developing and updating your management systems and can also give general advice and practical assistance.

A review and gap analysis of your existing management systems and any other systems already in place within your organisation before preparing bespoke management systems to meet your requirements. Full document preparation is provided with remote consultancy so all the files necessary for your organisation will be prepared and provided including updating the documents with your company name.

You will be assigned an expert consultant who will be available online for live one-on-one video meetings to review documentation and answer questions and to assist with updates of documentation and offline to answer questions, provide advice and assist you with the entire management system development process including the development and update of the IMS1 integrated management system manual.

Remote consultancy can facilitate getting draft management systems prepared quickly and efficiently and this approach can replace the requirement for any onsite consultancy or can be used to short-cut the initial setup and development followed by onsite support and training.

Our remote consultancy team are all experienced and expert ISO consultants and auditors and we make full use of information and communication technology to communicate and share files to ensure we fully understand your requirements.

Ongoing Support

Various resources are provided to ensure the alphaZ package includes everything required to plan, implement and maintain management systems and ISO compliance. There are ongoing updates to the package and a subscription can be retained to ensure ongoing access to documents and updates.

Additional support can be arranged for further remote assistance or for onsite consultancy and training from our approved consultants network.


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